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Revitalizing Online Presence & Generating Quality Leads - Our Impact on a Clothing Manufacturer

We revitalized their online presence, delivering a visually captivating and user-friendly platform. Our strategic approach improved lead generation, enhanced brand credibility, and positioned the company as an industry leader, resulting in increased engagement and business growth.


Times Clothing is an in-house clothing manufacturing company based in the UAE. They specialize in manufacturing a range of advanced quality merchandize and garment products.

Key Highlights

Enhanced Navigation and Usability

We streamlined the navigation flow and optimized the site structure for easy and intuitive browsing. We transformed the website from its previous eCommerce-like platform to a B2B-focused website that effectively showcases the company's offerings and encourages client contact.

Engaging Interactive Sections

We utilized interactive features such as click sections, sliders, image galleries, and animated elements to create an immersive experience for visitors. Through a lighter color scheme and visually appealing elements, we enhanced the overall aesthetics developed a modern and professional layout that resonates with the target B2B audience.

Improved Accessibility and Responsiveness

We conducted an accessibility audit and made necessary improvements to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. We also ensured that the website was fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across different devices and screen sizes.

We implemented a personalized chat box tailored to the brand to provide immediate assistance and support to website visitors.




Site Architecture


Website Design




May 2023

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Overall, the website redesign successfully addressed the challenges of an outdated and confusing website for the B2B clothing manufacturer. The optimized design, improved accessibility, engaging elements, and streamlined messaging contribute to a superior user experience, increased lead generation, and an enhanced brand image.

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