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Transforming Lead Generation

Utilizing Social Media Advertising and Google Ads in the Manufacturing Industry

Uncover the incredible story of how Dupak Manufacturing LLC experienced a game-changing transformation in their lead generation efforts. Witness the astounding result of a staggering 700% surge in potential leads, along with a substantial reduction in their cost per acquisition.

Our Solution

Enhance brand awareness and visibility

We developed a comprehensive digital marketing plan to improve Dupak Manufacturing LLC's online presence by optimizing their website, creating engaging content, and implementing search engine optimization techniques.

Targeted campaign planning

We identified the client's target audience and devised a focused campaign strategy to reach them through social media advertising and Google Ads. By targeting specific demographics and using relevant keywords, we maximized the chances of attracting qualified leads.

Weekly creative testing

We conducted regular creative testing to identify the most effective ad formats, visuals, and messaging. By continuously refining the creative elements of the campaigns, we ensured optimal engagement and lead generation.

Implemented chatbot automation

To streamline the lead generation process, we integrated a chatbot on the client's website. The chatbot engaged with website visitors, answered inquiries, and captured contact information, increasing the number of potential leads.

Problem Areas

Limited online presence

made it challenging for them to reach their target audience effectively.

No experience in running online campaigns

resulting in ineffective lead generation strategies.

High cost per acquisition

the client faced a significant issue with high costs per acquisition, which impacted their profitability and hindered growth.


Simplify & Streamline

How going back to the basics made this brand shine online.

By focusing on the essentials and creating campaigns around the base offering of the client using straightforward language we saw a tenfold increase in marketing qualified leads.


Increase in Conversions


Site Visits


Deals Closed

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