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Supercharging The Property Market

Effective Lead Generation Strategy for a Real Estate Brokerage in Dubai

Discover how a real estate brokerage in Dubai successfully implemented a comprehensive online marketing strategy to generate leads and overcome their challenges as a new business.

Our Solution

Custom Lead-Gen Funnel

We developed a tailored lead generation funnel that aligned with the client's specific business goals and target audience. The funnel included landing pages, lead capture forms, and email nurturing sequences to guide potential leads through the conversion process.

Quick turnaround for new property launches

We implemented agile campaign strategies that ensured a quick turnaround for promoting new property launches. By leveraging the immediacy and reach of social media and search ads, we generated buzz and interest around new listings, attracting potential buyers.

Custom campaigns for different channels

We created customized campaigns for each social media channel, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, based on the preferences and behavior of the target audience on each platform. This approach allowed the client to reach a diverse audience and maximize their reach and engagement.

Ran campaigns in hotspots globally

We identified key hotspots globally where potential buyers for Dubai properties were concentrated. Through targeted advertising, we reached out to individuals in these locations who showed an interest in investing in the Dubai real estate market, increasing the likelihood of quality lead generation.

Problem Areas

Never ran online campaigns

The client had limited experience in running online marketing campaigns, which hindered their ability to effectively reach their target audience and generate leads through digital channels

New business

As a new brokerage, the client needed to establish their brand presence and generate leads to gain a competitive edge in the real estate market.

Budget constraints

The client faced budget constraints, necessitating a strategy that maximized the return on investment and delivered cost-effective lead generation.


Need for Speed

How quick turnarounds boosted lead generation

We created a new campaign sequence for every new property launch to attract potential buyers in under 3 days leading up to the launch, providing the client a competitive edge in the listings market. 


Monthly Leads Generated


Average Conversion Rate


Monthly Impressions

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