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Ready, Steady, Admissions!

Digital Marketing Strategy for a UAE based School

Explore how a school in the UAE successfully implemented a targeted online marketing strategy to generate leads and overcome their challenges, including a short duration till admissions deadline and budget constraints.

Our Solution

Custom campaigns for different student age groups and parents

This approach ensured that the messaging and creative elements resonated with each specific audience segment, maximizing engagement and lead generation.

Weekly creative testing

We conducted regular creative testing to identify the most effective ad formats, visuals, and messaging. By continuously refining the creative elements of the campaigns, we ensured optimal engagement and lead generation.

Leveraged lookalike audiences

By leveraging the similarities and characteristics of their current customers, we identified new potential leads who shared similar attributes, increasing the chances of attracting qualified prospects.

Custom Lead-Gen Funnel

We developed a tailored lead generation funnel specific to the school's admissions process. The funnel included landing pages, lead capture forms, and automated email sequences to guide potential leads through the enrollment journey efficiently.

Problem Areas

Short duration till admissions deadline

The school faced the challenge of a limited time frame for admissions, requiring a strategy that could generate leads quickly within the available timeframe.

Never ran online campaigns

The client had limited experience in running online marketing campaigns, making it difficult to effectively reach their target audience and generate leads through digital channels.

Budget constraints

The client had budget constraints, necessitating a cost-effective strategy that maximized the return on investment and delivered efficient lead generation results.








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