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Effective Lead Generation

Leveraging Social Media Advertising in the Architecture and Interior Design Industry

Explore how Lab971, an architecture and interior design firm, successfully implemented a social media advertising strategy to generate leads and overcome their challenges as a new business.

Our Solution

Cohesive Geo-targeting Strategy

By focusing on locations where there was high demand for architecture and interior design, we maximized the chances of attracting qualified leads.

Vibrant and informative creatives

The creatives were optimized for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, capturing the attention of the target audience and compelling them to engage.

Utilized Facebook lead forms

These forms allowed interested users to submit their contact information directly within the ad, minimizing friction and increasing the conversion rate.

Emphasis on automation

Automated email sequences, personalized messages, and timely responses were employed to maintain engagement and convert leads into clients effectively.

Problem Areas

Never ran online campaigns

Lab971 lacked experience in running online campaigns, which limited their ability to reach their target audience effectively and generate leads.

Struggling to meet the bottom line

As a new business, Lab971 faced challenges in acquiring new clients. They needed a reliable lead generation strategy to improve their bottom line.

New business

Being a new player in the industry, Lab971 needed to establish a strong online presence and build brand awareness to compete with established competitors.


Geo-targeting For The Win

How a targeting strategy reduced CPL by 50%

The cohesive geo-targeting strategy helped them connect with their target audience in specific locations, resulting in higher-quality leads. The vibrant and informative creatives increased engagement and attracted a larger pool of potential clients. By utilizing Facebook lead forms, Lab971 simplified the lead capture process, enabling quick and efficient conversions.




Reduction in CPL



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