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Boosting Student Intake

A Digital Marketing Strategy for a Top University’s Lead Generation

Discover how a comprehensive digital marketing strategy transformed a top university’s lead generation efforts, resulting in a significant increase in student enrollment and a big reduction in their cost per leads.

Our Solution

Enhance Online Visibility and Brand Awareness

Implemented SEO strategies, content marketing, social media campaigns, and digital advertising to increase the university’s online presence, boost brand awareness, and attract a wider audience.

Leverage Data Analytics and Measurement

Implemented tracking tools, establish key performance indicators (KPIs), and conducted regular data analysis to measure campaign effectiveness, identify areas of improvement, and optimize digital marketing efforts for maximum ROI.

Implement Streamlined Processes & An Automated Follow Up System

Established efficient project management techniques to optimize campaign execution timelines, ensuring timely deployment of digital marketing initiatives, maximizing reach, and engaging prospective students at the right time in their decision-making journey.

Refined Campaign Targeting Parameters

Implemented targeted audience segmentation, optimized ad spend allocation, and leveraged data-driven insights to reduce cost per lead, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and achieving higher conversion rates while maintaining a cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

Problem Areas

Struggled to attract qualified leads

and lacked a cohesive strategy, hindering its growth & competitiveness in the higher education market.

Executing digital marketing campaigns within tight timelines

resulting in disjointed messaging, inconsistent brand presence, & low conversion rates

Struggled with high cost per lead

impacting their ability to acquire qualified prospects while maintaining a sustainable marketing budget.


The Power of Small Changes

How a Simple Image Swap Transformed Conversion Rates

In the world of digital marketing, sometimes the smallest adjustments can yield remarkable results. 

In a recent ad campaign for our client, we decided to make a seemingly minor change in the hero section image, replacing a girl with a boy. This seemingly small modification had a profound impact, skyrocketing the conversion rate from 4% to an impressive 10%

This case study exemplifies the significance of paying attention to details and the potential for significant improvements that can be achieved through strategic and thoughtful adjustments in digital marketing campaigns.


Leads Generated


Confirmed Admissions (Sept 2022 Campaign)


Forwarded to January

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