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100+ Leads per month

Lead Generation for a Swimming Pool Manufacturer

Discover how Smartpools, a swimming pool manufacturing company in India, successfully implemented an online marketing strategy to achieve a whopping 11.62% conversion rate and crossed 100+ sales qualified leads monthly. 

Our Solution

Leveraged social proof

By leveraging the positive experiences of existing customers, we built trust and credibility among potential leads, thereby increasing conversion rates.


We implemented automation tools to streamline lead nurturing and follow-up processes.

Targeted individual states with unique traits

We identified individual states in India that had characteristics and traits aligning with the target market for swimming pool buyers. By tailoring campaigns specifically for these states, we maximized the relevance of the messaging and creative content, increasing the likelihood of generating high-quality leads.

Customized Lead Generation Funnel

This comprehensive funnel consisted of thoughtfully crafted landing pages, strategically placed lead capture forms, and intelligently automated email sequences. By seamlessly guiding potential leads through their decision-making journey, our funnel nurtured and transformed them into highly qualified prospects.

Problem Areas

High-value product

Swimming pools are considered high-value purchases, requiring a specific approach to generate qualified leads and overcome customer objections related to cost and customization.


Smartpools needed to establish a strong brand positioning and differentiate themselves in the competitive swimming pool manufacturing industry.

Never ran online campaigns

Smartpools had limited experience in running online marketing campaigns, which affected their ability to effectively reach their target audience and generate leads through digital channels.


The Power of Positioning

How a Carousel increased the conversion rate by 50%

After creative testing, we finalised a carousel based ad creative that highlighted the product USP, competitor comparison, testimonial from notable users and saw a boost of 50% in the conversion rate. 


Conversion Rate





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